Sunday, January 6, 2008

SEO Techniques - Article Marketing

SEO Techniques - Article Marketing

With the increased cost and competition for PPC advertising many people are turning their wheels for new marketing methods that are less expensive. One that has been around for many years is marketing through articles. Article marketing has been the back bone of the internet for decades. The Internet has always been content based. When your looking for information, put some keywords into the search bar and bam you have content.

Article marketing has taken on so much over the years. You'll sometimes find good content and other times find complete garbage. The difference between the two is how the good content will get around and stick. There are thousands of different seo techniques that successful Internet Marketers use. However when the basics, and methods are applied correctly, you will usually find a level of success. Many marketers will spend a great deal of there time creating good quality content. The quality content will lead to success.

The first and most important concept you'll ever need to remember "Content Is King!" Always remember those three words and you'll have 1/2 of your plan in place. The next thing you need to know are some of the basic things to get you started. Now article marketing, if done correctly, can drive lots of traffic to your site for free. Just remember some of the do's and don'ts, as we will discuss in this post.
Don't try to create articles and add affiliate or sales page links. Create an article with good content, interesting enough to drive the reading to a blog or a web website with more information on the topic. This is the friendly approach and you will get a lot more trusting visitors rather than weary ones.
Find a niche that interests you, where you can enjoy what you're writing about. Research the niche and make sure that it is not too competitive. Do some keyword research and see just how much competition is out there. From there decide on a website and begin writing your article. Many people will create blogs to post their articles to. Once you have a blog created and an article posted you can place links in your article to your blog and send it to ezines and article directories.
Write articles around your niche. Choose a keyword phrases to write your article around. Do not over stuff your article with the keywords for which you are aiming for. Your keywords should reflect a targeted search for words that you have already researched. Make it interesting provide good information that will keep them reading and make other sites want to use your article.
Submit your articles to as many ezines and article directories as you can. Post the article to your blog and start getting your traffic. Many websites are looking for content and may use your article. If they use your article they are required to keep your links imbedded in the article.
Now you will have links back to your site along with some possible traffic if the site is a good one. Writing articles clearly gives you a free, zero capital method to increasing your website traffic. So, start writing articles today!


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