Sunday, January 6, 2008

Reasons that cause Toolbar PR drop

Reasons that cause Toolbar PR drop

In between Toolbar PR updates

  1. TB PR value is wacked.
  2. Hand penalty. This can be a drop to TB PR0 or just a few units of the 1-10 scale.
  3. You site was down for extend amount of time. Drop to TB PR0.
  4. Ban. Drop to TB PR0.
  5. Robots.txt file stops the Googlebot from accessing a file. File drops to TB PR0.

At Toolbar PR update time

  1. Less RPR voted to your site:
  1. IBL page removed from site.
  2. Link dropped off page.
  3. Link redirected though a script so there is no RPR transfered.
  4. Page no longer spidered because of robots.txt or meta noindex,nofollow.
  5. IBLs have increased their OBL.
  6. Signature links, blog comments, site wide links, recriprocal links, triangle links devalued in the PR algo for the RPR they vote.
  7. High TB PR IBL get penalty and no longer votes or passes RPR.
  1. Some thing done wrong on your page.
  1. Ban on the page.
  2. Page no longer spidered because of robots.txt or meta noindex,nofollow.
  3. You added more pages to your site. This diluates the RPR voted internally.
  4. Increase in external OBLs which bleeds RPR off the site. (Yes off the site not just off a page.)
  5. Change in the PR algo.
  6. The number of pages in the index has increased.
  7. Change in linking structure where RPR is channelled from one page to another by the way pages are linked together. This can be done on purpose or my accident.
  8. Removing of internal links from pages that have external links. (Internal links on pages that have your most external links will change the about of PR voted off site.


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