Sunday, January 6, 2008

How to Get Billions of Pages Indexed by Google

How to Get Billions of Pages Indexed by Google

A Romanian company has taken spamming Google to new heights. Monetize, a blog dedicated to tricking search engines, described how the company got Google to index over 5 billion webpages - copied from legitimate sites - within three weeks. Yahoo and MSN were fooled too, eventhough not nearly as bad.

The story was featured by Digg, reddit, and Techmeme. Due to the publicity, the indexed pages of these domains were quickly removed by Google.

According to Ana’s Lair, the search spoofing project was fairly simple. It requires an SQL-driven auto-page generator, a modification of DNS software, and redirection/cloaking code to show Google one thing and the user something else.

Apparently the spammers’ sites did well, with some domains like and ranking under 10,000 in Alexa. Non-coincidentally, the sites are running some AdSense ads too. It really doesn’t take a mathematician to know that you can earn a good deal of money from billions of pages indexed by search engines.


Tech_Freak Stuff said...

What is the use of earning lot of money in a short time span when you are not going to get it! Google will surely ban the Adsense account of the user once it gets noticed! It might be still waiting for proper time to fire that publisher!

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