Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is Google in a better position in eliminating paid links by asking users to help it ?

Google has a lot to do regarding paid links.Paid links seem to be a big head ache to the Googlers working on the SERP algorithms and PR .I agree that it is a very difficult job in exactly finding which website or blogs sell links and which does not .But Google has been asking its users to help eradicate this problem .have a look here :





Iam not sure if any one has ever reported links using the above form . Have you ever reported such a problem?Have they just left this problem to the users ? Many of you might be knowing that SERP algorithms might be relying more on user personalization in the coming decades.So is Google starting to depend too much on its users ?


google paid


There have been several articles regarding Google and paid links .Let me point out some of them :





Do you think Google will ever be successful in eliminating paid links algorithmically or is it just going to rely on its users ?


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