Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paid links – Are they really worth buying ?

I have always wondered what is the use of people buying links from high PR blogs for just a month ? If the links just stay for a month , in what way would it benefit the buyer .Maybe he might get a higher PR if the links stay atleast up to the PR update but if the links get removed then in the next update the PR would definitely be reduced.


But my doubts got cleared in one of the articles in daily blog tips.The article says clearly that people buy links just for a month so as to make Google index the pages faster .It makes perfect sense.


The article also explains whether buying links is worth or not .here is the article :

buying text links for SEO


As far as iam concerned i dont go into things like buying reviews or buying links.My best way to getting links is through Guest blogging or through dofollow blog commenting.This is what i always prefer .


SEO BRO said...

My experience is that Google will find out who is buying links and crush the page rank. That said, some less than reputable sites will risk all to make money now.

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