Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This blog is Ranking one for firefox nodofollow addon when it should not

UPDATE :After  being there at the top spot for  the keyword ‘firefox nodofollow addon’ for a couple of days , this page has now lost its top spot in SERP for the keyword.Google rectifies its mistake atlast .

One of the coolest addons in firefox is the nodofollow addon.I use it everyday for my analysis.I had done a previous blog post regarding the coolness of this addon and is given below :

Firefox nodofollow addon


The tragedy is that the above blog post ranks no.1 in Google for every keyword related to ‘nodofollow addon’  and the firefox page containing the addon is ranking next to me .I know it should not .


But in Yahoo everything is fine.The firefox page of the addon ranks first.Iam not sure what part of the algorithms in Yahoo is making the right decision regarding this keyword.


Atleast yahoo beats Google in this search result.Or is it really better than google ?


Here are the screenshots showing the search results for the firefox addon in both google and yahoo :



nodofollow addon 1


nodofollow addon 2


Anonymous said...

well.. it's like I knew!

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