Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Same anchor text – main factor Google uses to penalize your blog or website

There are so many ways Google bots find spam sites and sites that involve in generating artificial links.One of the main factors that Google uses in finding whether link building is natural or artificial lies in analyzing your anchor texts.


There are always so many ambiguities related to how many links should we get everyday – how many with the same anchor text – how many with the exact keyword phrase that we want to target – rarely do SEO people give us suggestions on this – or atleast they dont try to be specific.I mean i do not want them to advise us this way ‘get 10 links tomorrow and 6 links day after tomorrow’.that would be bullshit.


But it would be great if they give us a range like below 200 in a month for a new domain etc ,. those pieces of advices would be splendid.The point of this post is to make you understand that you should be very careful while link building – Link building is what will make you reach the top positions in Google and make you earn 1000 dollars per day – it could also be the factor due to which your blog might hit the 2993849384983th result on the Google SERP for the keyword ‘make money online’ .


So here is a thread running at digitalpoint regarding the number of same anchor texts you should get so as to get your blog increasing in Google rankings .Make sure you bookmark it and constantly check the replies.It would be even more great to bookmark it in delicious or blinklist so that you might use it in future or blog about it later in your blog.



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