Saturday, January 31, 2009

Best Wallpaper for people aiming to earn money through the net ?

Adsense is still my primary choice to earn money through the net.Yes there are so many other methods to monetize a blog like selling links [could be harmful to your blog] and affiliate programs or private ads [but requires a lot of authority to your blog] but i still feel i could do a lot more with adsense than with other methods i have listed above.


Without ranting too much let me show you what i was talking about in the title of this blog post.Best wallpaper for adsense people ? What is it ? This is it guys …




Well you might not like this to be set as the background for your desktop.But there are certain things you should learn from the above image.Can you guess what they are ? Let me list them out :


Aim for traffic to your blog before dreaming about every other thing


Blogging is fun.Blogging for money is even more thrilling and definitely possible.But why is it that so many bloggers still fail in what they wanted to achieve ? Because they really do not get the proper approach for achieving success through blogging .Wondering what it means ? Let me give you some examples .


When i was a beginner to blogging i was so excited about blogging.I saw so many blogs getting so much money through adsense and other monetization methods.Wow… someday i will achieve that .Then i googled for “tips to make money through blogging ” – read a lot of them -  some of them advised me to concentrate on ad placements .They said “Without proper ad placements you cannot earn well with adsense”.So i thought this is why iam not being able to earn money online.


So what i did was i constantly changed my adsense ads – i placed the ads at the top then placed them at the bottom – placed at the sidebar – blah blah blah ………but the earnings remained the same and some days got worse.Finally got frustrated and stopped blogging for a quite an amount of days .This is what really happened !


So was that piece of advice regarding adsense ad placements wrong ?

No.not at all.But the problem is how can you earn money when there are just 10 or 15 visitors to your blog everyday ? My first approach towards earning a lot more through adsense should be getting more traffic to my blog – but rather than doing that i was concentrating  more on other things that were useless at that stage of my blogging.Note that i said ‘at that stage of blogging’.I did not say it was useless.The adsense ad placements are very very important.But there are other things that you should concentrate on first.


Just doing things that you learn in popular blogs and forums is not adequate for you to earn money online .You should know what to do and when to do .Certain things are effective only when they are done at the right time - like experimenting with your ad placements once you get more amount of traffic [remember that search engine traffic are best for earning through adsense].I did not say experimenting should not be there when you just get 10 or 15 visitors to your blog – you  should experiment but concentrate less on that – concentrate more on writing articles  - link building – article submission and others .Then finally you might put your full efforts on blog monetization.


As you might have seen in the picture above – there were huge amounts of page impressions and clicks which got him so much money.This is what you should learn from the picture above.Concentrate more on things that really matter for your blog to earn money online .Every piece of advice you learn related to blogging and earning money online are important but certain things have be given more priority than others at some stages of blogging.This is what i want you to learn from this article.


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