Friday, January 16, 2009

How to track blog visitors or add a counter to blogger blog

Histats is one of the cool sites that tracks site visitors.It provides a script and when pasted in our blog it could track every site visitor we get – it would tell us how many visitors came per hour and how many page views we have received .There are more cool features that would be helpful to you.So lets add a counter to our blogger blog.

STEP 1 :

visit this site :

Fill all the required details in the registration form and register .


counter blogger

After clicking on continue , you will be given a series of options – select which counter you need and click on it.For example in the figure below i have selected ANIMATED COUNTERS .


There will be 2 more steps in which you need to click on continue – in the fifth step you will be given a counter code to be added in the blogger blog which looks like below :


couners blogger 2

copy the code presented above and save it in a notepad file or just have it in the clipboard – it is also possible to hide your counter in case you want others to restrict seeing your stats – this can be done by selecting “HIDDEN TRACKER CODE” option as shown below :


couners blogger 2 copy


STEP 2 :

Our job is over in the histats website – just have a small job in the blogger before we get that cool blogger counter to track visitors.So login to blogger blog and goto “EDIT HTML” section  of your blog.

sshot-2 copy

sshot-3 copy


sshot-4 copy 

sshot-5 copy


Remember the code you copied in the histats website paste it here [ in the place as shown below ] :

sshot-6 copy

After giving a title for your widget click the save button.Thats it.You now have a cool counter in the blogger blog tracking your blog / site visitors  .


Hope the tutorial was clear to you.Bye .


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