Thursday, January 15, 2009

Insert multimedia easily in Blog posts using

I came across this service in a popular web design blog.At first i thought this was not of so much importance to me because there are already 4 to 5 scripts in my blog like those i have in the sidebar [the apple accordion effect] or the tabs effect in the main section in my blog.So i thought i should limit myself to such scripts as it causes slow loading time.But no i was wrong.Because provides perfect widget to give your readers a little more knowledge about things you mention in the blog posts.It is one of the best blogging tools .


What does that mean ?

Say you mention the term adwords in one of your blog posts – you could either link that term to the wikipedia article or to thehome page of adwords.But my option would be to show the reader just a paragraph of what it is , in the blog post itself.To know more just hover mouse over the link below :




How was that ?


The process to add apture widget is not a complex one.Just signup and add a script in your blog template.Then visit your blog and press “e” – the editor opens up.Now you can edit the terms for which you want link to a wikipedia article or any other url or a video.

It is also possible to add a video and more multimedia in between articles after you publish a blog post .

To know more visit that apture website :


Blogging tool - multimedia


7Strategy said...

awesome tool thanks

arshad said...

you are welcome :)

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