Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do directory submissions still work?

Gone are the days when directory submissions were enough to get a decent placement in the SERP.Here are the days when lots of other techniques like the link wheels,link bait rule the SEO industry.Is that what you thought?Well,you were correct but not so correct too.I say you were not so correct because directory submissions are still valuable.But that does not mean ordering a 1000 dir.submission package will help you reach the top position in the search results.

Submitting to quality directories that do indeed review well and accept only quality sites will definitely help in your endeavor to dominate any niche.


Reasons for why dir.submissions help:

1.helps you achieve link diversity,

2.dofollow links,

3.permanent links – remember that link age is also an important factor in addition to the link diversity.


Getting an automatic directory submitter and submitting to the quality sites will go a long way in getting you one way links.Of course,you can do it manually but the time it would take will be enormous if you are looking for submission to a large number of directories.Alternatively,usage of an automatic directory submitter will not only ease the job but also gives you ways to modify the title and descriptions.It has always been believed that using different descriptions during directory submissions is much better than using the same ones in every submission.In that case,these dir.submitters is the best choice you have got.

Link wheels and directory submissions:

I agree that link wheels have been creating a lot of buzz nowadays and it seems the directory submissions might lose their buzz in the near future.Even if it loses buzz,there is no doubt that directory submissions help in giving link juice to your site.Particularly,submitting to the niche directories will not only increase the SEO value but also could give you targeted traffic.Look for the best auto directory submitter and start your link building today.


Bathroom Faucets said...

Directory submissions are relevant if we submit in quality and niche directories.

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