Monday, January 11, 2010

The holy grail of MMO

So what is the holy grail of MMO gonna be?

Reading SEO blogs?

Following the super affiliates?

Being a dreamer?


The truth is that the holy grail of MMO are :

1.finding desperate niches,

2.being good at finding the SEO footprints or being good at creating buzz thereby throwing seeds of link bait,

3.keep your head open to new ideas everyday.


Of course,if you are good at doing PPC campaigns or bum marketing rather than finding the SEO footprints,then you can replace the second point above by your desired way of marketing.But this is the way to MMO.

And the bad news is that the amount of information about MMO only leads to information overload,let alone getting desperate after not making money.This is why taking consultation always is a good idea.but i know about people.They will never think that consultation is good.Consultation is another way to lose money,isn’t it?eh?But the reality is that it is not.Good consultation will make you see through the fog and get into money making methods quickly.And so does a good e-book that does not only show stellar earnings but also talks about real money making methods.Period.


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