Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never ever have bad neighbors in your outbound link profile

It is easy to be dragged by the Gravity of page rank in turn leading to link exchanges between your site and that of the High PR.But it is extremely vital to keep in mind that PR does not mean a valuable site or a site that is worthy of linking.Some times,i get link exchange offers that have a high page rank but when i check the Google index for that particular site,there would be no pages indexed.This clearly is an indication that the site has been banned by Google.


So would you link to such a site?Not at all.Never do that mistake ever.You will either see a drop in your rankings or may be drop in the site authority.Think twice before going for the link exchanges.This is why sites that offer website grading services are really useful.What’s more,most of them are free and would be instrumental in helping you know if the site is good or not.


Here are some of the sites you can use to check if the link profile or get a rank of the site:





Since there seems to be a limit when it comes to how many outbound links you may have on the home page [not a necessity but most web masters comply to that so as to remain on the safe side],make sure to choose the best relevant [if possible,of course] good quality link exchange partners.Because once you have linked to anybody,you are not going to be removing it easily,at least not without notification.So,Do it right the first time.Wait for the high PR as well as the old,established sites.


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