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what is meant by page-rank ?

what is meant by page-rank ?

Introduction to Page RankPage Rank is an important factor that determines any websites ranking in the search results. It is actually a numeric value by which Google decides the standing of any website on the web. According to Google, if one web page is linking to another web page, it is in fact casting a vote for the other web page. Hence, the more the votes for any web page, the more important the page must be. Also, the importance of the page that is casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. Calculation of Page RankGoogle Page Rank uses both the link structure and text-matching techniques in determining any web sites ranking. Below is a brief description of each.

  • Link Structure Technique

This technique measures the position of your web site based on how many other avaluable sites are linked to your site. But, here an important thing to remember is that linking your site to other web site is not enough. The site that is linking to your web site SHOULD be of high value because it will eventually help in determining the worth of your site. So, always link your web site to other high-traffic sites.

  • Text-Matching Technique

This technique enables visitors to actively look for words or ideas that may match your web sites content. This is why search engine optimization techniques almost always include development of keyword rich content for the web site. The more a certain keyword appears in your sites content, the better are your sites chances of ranking high. But do not be fooled – Page Rank does not depend only on the keywords in your site. In fact, it analyzes all aspects of your web content as well as the content of the websites linked to it; to determine that your site is relevant to the query or not. Some Misconceptions About Page RankSome people believe that they can buy Google Page Rank for a few dollars. But, the reality is opposite. Google uses an up-to-date and high-tech tamper-proof technology for Page Rank. But, yes, you can “maintain� your top position by buying an ad placement on the topmost part of the search results page. However, even this does not guarantee that visitors will click on your link and will visit your web site. But, it can work. Guidelines for Getting Higher Page RankGetting higher Page Rank is very important for your product or service and it can never get notice regardless of how good they are. The best way to get high Google Page Rank results is to optimize your web site using ethical search engine optimization techniques and then maintaining your rank. For that, it is a good idea to invest in a search engine optimization campaign and boost your web sites Page Rank. There are a number of professional search engine optimization companies out there that can notably raise the ranking of your web site and put your web site on the top placements i.e., the first two to three pages of the search results.


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