Saturday, January 5, 2008

read this before starting ur blog / website

Every webmaster dreams of getting so much traffic from the search engines that it overwhelms the capabilities of their web hosting provider's network. Getting your site listed on page one for several relevant keyword phrases on the major search engines is the key to approaching this level of traffic. Getting there requires consistent application of fundamental principles and a little knowledge about search engine optimization. Read on for some search optimization advice including five core elements to overhaul your search engine rankings and resulting traffic.

Content is King - If you have done any research on search engine optimization, you are aware of the need to optimize the content of your web pages. The verbiage on your web site must be optimized for the search engines and have optimal usage of your most important relevant keywords and keyword phrases. As you write user friendly content take into consideration you should be optimizing your pages with phrases that best match your overall theme. This is preferred by the search engine algorithms. You can then focus on link popularity and link quality to help drive traffic. We will cover both in a moment.

Keyword Optimization - By optimizing your pages with the phrases that best match the overall theme of your site, it will improve the likelihood that users will find your site when searching for content like yours. You should hone in on short multi-word phrases unless your keywords are unique. First, find your optimum keywords and determine their popularity. Finally, ensure you meta tags include your keyword phrases, but don't over-saturate or stuff the tags with your keywords.

Link Popularity - To improve your rankings and ultimately your traffic, you must increase your link popularity. Link popularity generally refers to the number of links on the internet that refer to your website. If you do not have an advertising budget, link popularity can generally be increased primarily in two ways. The first method is by exchanging links with other web sites with similar content. The second method is publishing articles that relate to your site, including a link to your site in the article and then publishing the article on as many article directory sites as possible. Employing both methods is the most effective; however, the latter is particularly successful because it creates multiple one-way links back to your site.

Article Promotion - Most webmasters routinely search for good site content - remember content is king. They either lack the writing skills or lack the inspiration or initiative to write the content themselves. Webmasters with a budget often hire ghost writers. Those without money look to article repositories to obtain some of their content. This demand for content by other webmasters creates an opportunity for you to advance your site. Publishing articles that relate to your content and publishing those articles within article directories ultimately criculates your link onto other webmaster's sites. Think of the potential here. You are getting a one-way link from every site that posts your article. If you are not taking advantage of this strategy, you are missing out on a tremendous amount of free advertising.

Link Quality - Remember, link popularity is important, but the quality of those links is equally important. There are two parts to link quality. First, sites that are pointing to your website should have related content. Search engines will give links from sites with related content more credibility. The second component to link quality is the actual words the other webmaster uses in your link. The intent is to ensure the links pointing back to your website include your most relevant keywords in the link title.

Search engine optimization requires a focus on these five elements. Highly optimizing your website content and obtaining high link popularity from quality links will absolutely better your search engine rankings over time. Of course, as with many things, your level of effort at implementing these elements is directly proportional with the results you can expect to get out.


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