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Like most other search engines, Yahoo ranking relies on a difficult analysis program that evaluates the relevance of your web site content to search queries. Yahoo reads the text of your web site, its titles and descriptions, its sources, associated links and other distinctive document elements and after that decides the rank of your web site on Yahoo. Guidelines to Get TOP Ranking on YahooBelow are some guidelines that can really help you achieve top yahoo rankings

  • Always Develop Fresh & Unique Content

The biggest determinant of your Yahoo ranking is the quality of your web site's content. If your web content is unique, fresh and specific, Yahoo will surely associate it to the search queries. Also, dont forget to stuff your content with relevant keywords and phrases without sacrificing its quality. Just be creative and write the high quality, original content for your site or hire some writing professional to do it for you!

  • Remember to Use Meta tags

Meta tags also play an important role in deciding your Yahoo rankings. Also, remember to include accurate and specific keywords in your meta-tag to catalog keywords for your web site. It is recommended that you use a list of different keywords associated to each page on your web site instead of using one set of keywords for each page.

  • Don’t Forget The HTML

It is that era of Internet when every one likes to put their links and other important text within graphics or images which look pleasing to the eyes, but for Yahoo rankings, HTML is still the king! So, it’s a good idea to put relevant texts and links in HTML. This way Yahoo will love to crawl through all of the pages on your site. But, in any case if you really want to add graphics on your web site, then you should use ALT text. This will preserve your creativity as well as boost your Yahoo ranking.

  • Did You Heard Everyone Shouting Links, Linkeschange, Back-Links
You must be aware of the fact that the more links pointing to your site the more are you chances to get high rankings. These links makes your site more valuable in the eyes of Yahoo ranking engines. So, you should link your site to other web site having the same niche. You can offer them to link you back. This is a proven technique and in fact the most effective too when it comes to gain ranking on Yahoo. Other webmasters would be glad to link you back if your web site is really good. But, remember; do not create links between irrelevant pages or it will be considered illegal according to Yahoo’s Guidelines. Yahoo ranking engines are quite smart. They can detect such unethical activities, and your Yahoo ranking will never improve.


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