Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheap web directory submissions – The best way to gain one-way links in the web

There are lot of link building techniques used by the link building experts – web 2.0,link buying,blog commenting and the latest Angela Edwards backlinking methods – its going viral nowadays!But yet one of the oldest one way link building technique still remains the most used by almost every webmaster.Wonder what?Here it is:


Cheap web directory submissions

There are lots of directories that you can gain 1000’s of backlinks in a single month – some wonder whether it is bad to gain so many links within a short span of time.But the truth is that there is no harm in doing too many directory submissions quickly.This is due to the fact that the directory owners are going to take a little time to approve your listing – thus the listing will get approved slowly.You need not worry about google penalizing you for aggressive link building due to huge directory submissions.But whereas if you plan to buy 1000’s of links through blog posts then that might be a little concern especially for the newest blogs and websites.


Use the Sandbox period well:

Recently Brad Callen,the creator of SEO elite software sent a superb e-mail content to his subscribers where he had clearly unraveled the mystery about the SANDBOX period.He had said in the content that those sites which had gained good amount of links during the sandbox period started to rank well after sandbox.That was so good to hear.And how do you think you can gain the one way links easily?You can do it only through the dir.submissions.


Here is a directory for you to submit now:

submit your website to Cheap web directory for cheap one way links .You can submit links to more directories and gain lots of links – remember that it is gonna take a lot of time for the search engines to pick up your links.So do not check the yahoo site explorer everyday and get disheartened.Just submit and get approved – you will see results as your website ages.


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