Friday, July 17, 2009

How to select the best SEO company?

I agree that SEO is not rocket-science.The skills on search engine optimization increase as we spend more time doing it.But how many SEO campaigns do you think you can manage?Top webmasters would be having almost one website in each niche.I have personally seen people having more than100 active websites.So do they manage the SEO by themself? “NO”.The best way would be to outsource the job to someone who has good experience in doing Off page and on page optimization.

Factors which would decide the ‘best SEO services’:

=>People who have ranked the websites in the first position on Google SERP - Shocked?But this is true.You may see many people starting their SEO services when they have not made a single website reach the top position in SERP.This is why it is better to see portfolios or ask for them if they are not available in the website,

=>People who have the ability to do natural link building – This is the major factor in the off page optimization.If the link profile seems artificial,you would be given a penalty by Google.And nobody how much time it would to take to get removed,

=>Reasonable prices – many SEO professionals might charge more than what is required.So make sure that you are getting quotes from different companies before continue to deal with them,

You must also understand optimizing for the main keyword is not enough to get the maximum profits.Infact the long tail keywords are very essential to get the sales of a product.People are desperate when they search for a long tail.So you need to ask the SEO company to optimize for other long tails too.There is no harm in paying an extra price for each keyword they optimize.But again make sure that you are negotiating a reasonable price.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing quality traffic to a web site through search engines by improving ranking in search engine results. To make your website visible in search engine(s) provide high-quality content on your pages, especially at homepage. This will attract visitors and other webmasters to link to your website.

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