Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is SEO changing?

There are always talks about “SEO is dead” and “SEO will be dead” -  i am tired after hearing so many things related to Internet marketing and SEO.Regarding the SEO,do you really think that search engines will be able to depend on user experience or user recommendation to decide the best relevant pages for the search queries.Maybe they may introduce the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to the public [like those available for personal use  currently once you are logged into Google]and tell them all to vote on the best relevant results.May be that would work – but for how long until SEO start hiring people to vote on those stories to play the game again…LOL….I do not think that any search engine would be able to depend on the user experience or the user recommendations to decide the relevant results.

But i agree that Google has done a great job in the recent years and is the best among all search engines.No other engine can come close to Google.Especially with the floating data center patents and lots of other modern technologies under its belt,no one could beat them.So as i said earlier,do not stop your SEO techniques after hearing people say “SEO is dead”.It is not – it will not be dead at least for a couple more decades.

So you can either do SEO yourself or hire services from since there are lots of packages available for you to choose from.Good luck.


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