Monday, February 16, 2009

A site with 7 lakh visits per day just has 2 seconds average visit length

Some of you might be familiar with the popular site Gawker – but i am not a regular reader of gawker but yet happened to visit one of their articles.I found the sitemeter icon at the bottom of the site and when i clicked on it this is what i saw :




I was shocked to see 7 lakh visits average per day [yeah it deserves] but then i saw this one below :

average visit length = 2 seconds ? ? ? ? ? ……………..

I have always wanted people to stay on my blog for a longer amount of time.But yes ofcourse i understand why its like that.With 7 lakh visits per day you cannot expect everyone to stay on the site even for one minute.How would you feel if your blog has an average visit length of 2 seconds ?


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