Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I hate Google localized results sometimes – its just fu**ing crazy

I agree that Google’s way of providing localized results to its users is a great idea.I mean when someone in India searches for “buy watches” it is best when the user gets results saying the stores and ecommerce websites available in India.But sometimes it is just irritating to see localized results for some search terms.Here is an example:


Iam now searching for the term “ecommerce CMS” and this is what i get :


Searching for “ecommerce CMS” in Google India domain [ pls open the images in a new tab to have a clearer picture ] :


google cms


google cmss


One of the best results for this search term would be the article found in the following blog :


But when searching in the Indian Domain i dont find this result in the first page.


Searching for “ecommerce CMS” in  Google US domain :


google cms3


google 4cms3


You can see that the above said article is listed as the 8th relevant article for the search term in the US domain.But why is it not there in the Indian domain and in some others ? Google has done a lot of improvement in its algorithms lately including punishments for paid blog posts [which is the prime factor in G’s algos] – but i really would be happy if G takes this matter seriously.G should know when to use localized results and when not to.


So those of you searching for terms like “ecommerce CMS” can get more better results by trying out the US domain rather than your country domain.


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