Tuesday, February 17, 2009

how to add a stumbleupon button to my blogger blog ?

Although social media may not be good for earning money through adsense its the most effective method for gaining readers to your blog provided you have great articles.The method for adding a stumbleupon button is pretty simple and is explained by Antonio in the following article :



If its not good for earning money through adsense then why i should i install it ?

Its not that you wouldnt earn through social media – you might get some odd clicks from them – but the major advantage is developing close contacts with the bloggers of your niche.By meeting the best bloggers of your niche you can have a link exchange with them or you might also ask them for guest blogging.One or two guest blog posts in the most popular blog will get your blog to greater heights in the eyes of Google Bots .So dont always aim for money and start networking with your niche bloggers.


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