Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Content is KING – What the fuck does that mean ?

So why do people always say “content is king” ? So should i always try to give exceptional posts so as to earn through adsense ? oh my God .Iam afraid i will be able to do that .

Hee hee .This is what people think about Blogging – the reality is this :

There are 2 types of bloggers according to me .they are :

1.those saying “content is king

2.those that believe “keyword is king” .


Let me explain both of them.And you need to keep in mind that both of them are capable of earning a lots of money through advertising .



This means that you should develop a blog like that of Problogger or dailyblogtips and you should have thousands of followers .Your content will soon be able to develop a BRAND for you.Developing a brand is very tough for a blog but once you do it YOU WILL BE ON CLOUD NINE !This doesnt mean that people concentrating on “content is king” wouldnt be thinking about keywords – they will use keywords in the title of blog post etc,. – but they will also try to impress their readers and gain RSS subscribers .



This means that your content need not be so extra ordinarily fantastic and awesome ……. but it should contain words which people might search for in Google .

Both the above methods are capable of being used for earning money .So it is up to you to decide whether you want to choose the first method or the second one .Blogging for money does not need you to be superb and awesome in writing articles .You just need fingers to type – thats it .You may start a blog and succeed with it.Just because you hear “content is king”,  dont underestimate yourself.You have two options in Blogging and it is up to you to choose the type which suits you .


Boris said...

How many words do you recommend for each post?

Boris said...

How many words for each post do you recommend?

Admin [Arshad] said...

Just a 200 word article is enough with targeted keywords.But if you stuff more words there are great chances of people visiting your blog through long tail keywords .

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