Monday, January 5, 2009

how to add a comment box or shout box to a blogger blog

One thing that every blog requires is a shout box otherwise termed as a comment box.Although nowadays it is most likely to be used as advertising [ hee hee .. i have seen many sites filled with urls in their comment box ] , it is always good to have a comment box so that others may easily contact you or give a suggestion on how you can improve the blog or what is going wrong with the blog currently.Blog is all about networking and socializing  along with powerful unique content – remember .

Follow the below steps to add a comment box to a blog :

1.visit and fill the form and  submit it will be sent a confirmation message in the mail inbox – visit the inbox and click on the specified url in the mail

3.your account has now been confirmed .

4.log in to cbox now you will now get a script – copy the code

5.log in to and goto the “layout” tab will find “Add a gadget” link on that page .There might one or more links like where to place the comment box and click on the appropriate  “Add a gadget” link .



i hope you could see “Add a gadget” option in the above screenshot . goto the “html/javascript” and paste the code you copied earlier by using “ctrl+v” option . and  see how cool the comment box looks in your blog .




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