Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Don’ts of SEO

The Don’ts of SEO:

  • Doorway pages: Never make use of doorway pages for getting higher rankings. This practice of using doorway pages is also known as “Cloaking”. Doorway pages are those pages, which have over optimized content, high keyword density, are submitted to search engines and linked to actual websites but are never seen by the visitors. If search engines identify such doorway pages being used by you, there’s always a chance of your site getting banned.

  • Using Graphics: Don’t use too much graphic on your website. Search engines can’t read across graphics.

  • Meta keywords: Don’t end up using irrelevant keywords within the Meta tag just to attract traffic. Search engines compare whether the keywords placed in this tag are actually being used within the content or not.

  • Link Farms: While giving links make sure you don’t end up building a link farm. The popular search engines like Google now ban sites having link farms.

  • Invisible Text: Avoid optimizing the site using invisible text with content in the same color as the background. Search engines may consider this as spam resulting in your site being penalized.

  • Frames: Search engines can’t crawl through frames. So if at all you have to use, use them in a limited manner or make use of techniques that deal with frames.

  • Flash: While building your website don’t make use of too much Flash or similar technology as the search engines can’t read the content written within them.

  • Automated Software: Don’t make use of automated softwares to submit your site’s URLs to different search engines repeatedly. This may be considered Spam. Manual submissions are always a better and safe practice, as you can know about any problems during submission, if there are any.

  • Duplication: Don’t submit web pages to search engines having similar content with different filenames. Search engines may detect such pages and ban such web pages.


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