Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Selection of web hosts using a rating site

How do you select a web hosting service yourselves?Do you read their claims and believe them?Or do you use rating web sites and read their reviews.I would say the latter option is so much better than the former one.In fact,nothing beats the latter choice.Using rating sites which give away a web hosting directory coupled with the detailed reviews and the pros and cons of each hosting company will help big time in making sure that your site gets stored in a credible place.The time you spend on choosing such a good service will serve you for a lifetime.

But aren’t those sites biased?

Nope.not at all.Who told you that they are biased in any way.Some might think that the top places in ratings are achieved by the hosting services that provide maximum commission.But the truth is not that and it is pretty much beyond that.You google the term “web hosting rating” and see for yourself.Do you see all sites listing some of the most known sites as the top hosting services.Well,that is because they simply are the most credible.It clearly is an indication that the web hosting rating sites are not biased at all.

If you are considering going for a VPS hosting instead of the convention ones,you may check out the below link:

VPS hosting rating

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog on a free web host – is that fine?

Most people start blogging on a free hose.Once they see their earnings inflate,they think about searching for a shared hosting.That is a good move but people who are on free hosts like blogger must also understand the risks involved.One of the things i want to point out is that blogger had been banning a lot blogs since the past few years through bots.These bots look for spam signals and delete splogs but the problem is not that.As you could imagine,the real problem with deletion of supposed splogs is that sometimes,they delete real blogs on which bloggers had spend enormous energy and time in to their development.

So what to do?How to escape:

Go to any web hosting rating site and pick one that suits your budget and needs.Once chosen and blog is setup there,there is no need to rely on free hosts.You have your own space and there can be no one who can ban your blog without notice.There are many best dedicated hosting sites too.So if you prefer dedicated hosting instead of the other counterparts,you can look into that.Its all your choice.

But if you prefer to be on a free host like blogger for a couple of months until you learn the abc of blogging then its fine.just make sure that you are backing up the entire blog so that if anything goes wrong,you are able to switch to a shared web hosting.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are Internal links within articles really needed?

Many wonder if they really need to place links to their inner pages within the blog posts?After all,the related posts section below their blog posts or articles are pointing to the inner pages,right?But yet many experts agree that giving links to your other related pages within the blog post does really help.And the reason for such suggestion does really seem acceptable.If you had lived in a cave for the past months,you must not have known the importance of eliminating the value given out by the comment links.I am sure that the Googlers concerned about the search results quality are working day in and day out to kick the asses of those comment links as well as the sites trying to use them for their link building campaigns.When it comes to the comment links and links within an article,the latter,obviously,is going to be given the most value.
And hence,the links within an article,is going to be very much significant compared to the one outside of the article.So,the bottom line is:
Do not think twice for linking out to your other pages within the article.Each time you write an article,do not rush to hit that publish button.Patiently,surf through all the pages,look for related articles and include them as links within the article you wrote just now and are extremely eager to publish it.
This might not cause a huge effect in a couple of months.But when your site has 1000’s of pages in a few years’ time,you will notice splendid effects in your site ranking.I have even seen many sites whose page rank had got increased due to the sheer amount of web pages they contained.Of course,i do not want to start the debate of whether page rank is important or not.Many do wish to sell links and at least for them,the goal to increase page rank and eagerly wait for the PR update each month will seem important and i am not underestimating or discouraging that act.

Just realize the importance of giving out links in your every article.Let the links be detailed.I mean,give out links to articles with long tails as the anchors.This would be helpful if your site is new since you will able rank for long tails and that will be so much encouraging for the newbies.But if you are  so concerned about ranking for the biggies [the main keywords],then pick the keyword you want to rank for as the anchor text.It all depends on what you want.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never ever have bad neighbors in your outbound link profile

It is easy to be dragged by the Gravity of page rank in turn leading to link exchanges between your site and that of the High PR.But it is extremely vital to keep in mind that PR does not mean a valuable site or a site that is worthy of linking.Some times,i get link exchange offers that have a high page rank but when i check the Google index for that particular site,there would be no pages indexed.This clearly is an indication that the site has been banned by Google.


So would you link to such a site?Not at all.Never do that mistake ever.You will either see a drop in your rankings or may be drop in the site authority.Think twice before going for the link exchanges.This is why sites that offer website grading services are really useful.What’s more,most of them are free and would be instrumental in helping you know if the site is good or not.


Here are some of the sites you can use to check if the link profile or get a rank of the site:





Since there seems to be a limit when it comes to how many outbound links you may have on the home page [not a necessity but most web masters comply to that so as to remain on the safe side],make sure to choose the best relevant [if possible,of course] good quality link exchange partners.Because once you have linked to anybody,you are not going to be removing it easily,at least not without notification.So,Do it right the first time.Wait for the high PR as well as the old,established sites.

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